Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Football and weddings

This week, two very exciting things happend for me. The first, Ohio State played their first game of the season and we took our boys to their first game as young Buckeyes! As usual, we jumped the gun as they are probably too young, but we all had a blast anyway. Here's George up on C-deck...we couldn't keep Charlie still long enough for a photo!

The second, and even more exciting event, was that my very first friend when I moved to Columubs, Jodi, got married this weekend to a wonderful man, Danny, that she met while in the Peace Corps!

I was fortunate enough to get to travel up to Crystal Lake for the wedding and be the photographer. What a honor, thank you Jodi and Danny. Here is the first peek at the wedding. You can also check these images out on my Facebook page, Minister Images Photography.

Congrats Jodi & Danny!

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  1. Katie these pictures look great! you must have had some amazing help that day!