Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A photographer's work never ends...

It was a long weekend at the Minister household. Friday night was spent watching the Opening Ceremonies, Saturday at Ginger & Joey's wedding and Sunday morning, more portraits!

Ginger & Joey had such a fun wedding, they were totally laid back and easy to photograph. One of my favorite moments was just after the ceremony ended and we took a few minutes to photograph just them together.

You can see more images from their wedding on my Minister Images Facebook page, do a search and become a fan!! Keep checking the blog this week for a slideshow of images. I'm working on posting it.

Another portrait session on Sunday with some co-workers and a neighbor, again, you can see some on the Facebook page, but here is my favorite. Jayson was loving his moment in front of the camera!

Finally, of course, we've spent the last few days watching Michael Phleps accumulate his gold medals! His sister Hilary is a good friend of ours from our college swimming days. Go Michael!
I've got more portraits upcoming and weddings galore beginning in the next few weeks!

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