Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Polaroid Film, for sale again?

I first found my love for photography with a Polariod camera back in the 1980's. Hundreds of polariod prints littered my parents' house when I was growing up...chances are, if you dig through their basement now, you could probably find at least 50 great prints shoved between books and in shoe boxes.

I so loved the Polariod that I used them at my wedding for guests to leave a note and an image for us to remember the day. And how sad I was when I heard that Polariod was shutting down business and would no longer produce film.

But today, I stumbled upon this article:

Polariod is not dead! Hooray! I wish you as much fun capturing your moments with a Polariod as I have had in my lifetime.

This past weekend I had 4 family, baby and/or toddler portrait sessions! In a few weeks you'll be able to view a gallery of my portrait work in the Westerville office of Drs. Krantz, Harmon, Jones & Cook.

Here's Jack, one of the cutest babies around. More to come tomorrow.

Wedding season is in full force beginning this weekend and I am so excited! Check back often for previews.

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