Monday, April 27, 2009

Alicia and Chris, rain delayed

Alicia and I went to college together at the University of Richmond - we didn't even know that we both lived in Columbus, but we able to reconnect recently via Facebook! (I looove FB - did you know? Friend me!)

I am honored that she & Chris have chosen me to photograph their wedding in October and can't wait. We spent the late afternoon in German Village (this week and last thanks to the rain!), admiring the architecture and the park. They were nervous to be photographed, but you can see that they were practically models - they did great!

As a side note, my friends from UR have been so amazingly supportive of my photography business - even those with whom I've not kept in close contact. I thank all of you - and especially Alicia, Amber and Kellee. It is beyond words to have someone fly you to another state to be the person to document their wedding and families.

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  1. Great Photographs. They are lucky to have you photographing their wedding